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More than just a project, our clients asked us to join them in Dubai.

Following the rapid development in recent years the United Arab Emirates are indeed asking for increased drivers’ expertise in keeping with their needs.

During all my trips to Dubai over many years, I have always been impressed by the modernism of the projects and mentalities that have made Dubai what it is today. Here the word service has true meaning.

With 20 years of experience in France, Morocco and Worlwide, our French Touch will be a major asset to all those who decide to entrust us with their business in Dubai.

To invest in a country is first and foremost to merge with it in order to understand it better.

I liked Dubai, I am back. I could not resist the appeal of your beautiful country. “

Let’s meet. 

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Camille LAISSY


During the Olympic Games in London in 2012, I developed my passion for my future job.

After having lived in Europe, in North Africa, and now the Middle East, I have the pleasure to develop Regency Limo DMCC in the region. Being close to my clients with a smile is my priority. Working on a high number of different types of events all over the world has allowed me to 10 years of experience in the field and to live and embrace fully my work as a passion.

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Thanks to the many travels I have done, I have discovered how important working abroad would be and how much it would bring on a personal and a professional level. Regency Limo DMCC is the opportunity I was waiting for. Meeting clients, listening to them and guiding them to what corresponds to them best with complete safety is, in my opinion, the key factor needed for a professional fulfillment.

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